Black Thrones

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Although Halloween has passed, the magic witches are still doing various magic experiments. One of the most important experiments is to resurrect the dead, especially those poor people who unfortunately died because of accidents, The godfather of Harry Potter, the famous wizard, Sirius Black entered the underworld because he touched the curtain of death, but because he himself was not dead, the magic witches decided to send him back to the human world. Sirius must walk alone through the long road of thorns. This is a road that connects the underworld and the human world. As long as he returns the same way, he can resurrect and return to the normal human world. His task is to collect rubies along the way and avoid all traps.

Keywords :

Zombie, Undead, Sword, Snow, Side Scrolling, Running, Obstacle, Jumping, Jewel, Ice, Skill

Control :

Cut down enemies with your dagger.

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